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 First, I have said several times that

ObamaCare is among the worst legislation ever passed. This is especially true in the area of commerce. As I understand it, the exchange is the only way that it can be implemented into the states. Therefore, it was the mechanism in which it could have been stopped or significantly amended.

Second, I have serious questions about the flexibility the state will lose once we begin to participate. Trying to make deals with the federal government is generally an exercise in futility. It's not likely to work. I think once we sign on, we will be stuck with it no matter what happens from that point on. I don't believe that any exit will be possible.

Third, I understand now that we have been told by HHS that no state variations on "private option" coverage will be permitted and they must be "comparable" with the Medicaid program. What this means to me is that the very argument which was based on so called cost savings for expanding is probably no longer valid.

Fourth, I do not think that Obamacare is now or ever has been truly about who gets what and how much it will cost. I believe that the real question is if our health care system under ObamaCare will be destroyed in this country for everyone! I think that question only has one answer and it is yes.